Surrendering a Pet

Occasionally, due to circumstances, pet owners/guardians feel they have no choice but to give up their pet.  It is important to be aware that Town Cats receives up to 15-20 requests every day to place animals with us. Because of this, we are not able to take every single cat. We must limit our intake based on our current shelter and foster home capacity.  This is why we ask you to please consider every alternative available to you before giving up your pet. 

The first thing you should know is it is not easy to find a new home for your cat. If you surrender her to animal control or the humane society, there is a good chance the cat will be euthanized (killed). Even if your cat is very friendly, being in a small cage in a strange place may cause her to act differently or to get sick. Animal agencies have limited resources, and many friendly cats are killed each year. If your cat makes it past the initial screening, she still may sit in the adoption cages for months.  Therefore, before you decide to surrender your pet, please try everything possible to keep the cat in it’s home.

Common Reasons for Surrendering a Pet

What Now...?

If the decision has been made that your pet must be surrendered, you have a few options.

1.  As stated earlier, Town Cats is not able to take in every cat.  We are limited by our shelter and foster home capacity.  Please email Town Cats to be considered.  You must include where you live, the age of your cat, the reason for surrender and how you obtained the cat.  Before your cat can be accepted for surrender it must be up to date on all shots including rabies as well as spayed or neutered.  Please bring all medical records you have for your cat.  There is a $50.00 surrender fee for every cat surrendered. 
2.  If we are not able to take your cat at this time, you will have the option to place your cat on our wait list.  We cannot promise if or when we will be able to take cats from our wait list.  However, we will contact you if we have space available.

3.  You should contact all rescue groups and shelters.  If Town Cats is full, another group may not be and can take your cat.  See our Rescue Resource List for information on all local rescue groups and shelter.

4.  Contact Humane Society Silicon Valley. They are able to take owner surrendered cats as space allows and have no time limits for animals in their adoption programs. Should a serious medical or behavior concern arise making your pet unadoptable, you can request to be contacted.

5.  You may choose to REHOME your cat.  If you have the time, please see our rehoming resources.

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